I’m sure you have been questioned about who you are every now and then, and the most obvious answer to this question is one’s name.

I have no identity, I’m just a being floating around with no use. Thoughts, that might be considered demonic by most, slowly crawl into my mind and leave me breathless.

I can’t go on with this weight on my shoulders as my legs can’t hold up the weight they have to carry. It’s been a long time coming and ever since I walked out of my high school gates I never looked back; my identity is no more.

I have no reason to be around anymore, no purpose, so much so that I walk around with a mask on my face to cover up my sadness, anxiety and pain. It kills me to wake up in the morning and know exactly how my day will go and how it will end; no excitement and not a single thing that’s new.

I have no property, I mean not even a dog. What reason do I have to keep living like all is well? What reasons do I have that will keep me feeling good and looking forward to the next day?

I’m just one in a million, a statistic to be precise. One in a few hundred million that has no purpose, just another man breathing with no plan for the future.

I am just here.


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