Some people define L-O-V-E as a four-letter word and nothing more. While some people describe it as a “beautiful thing” that we should all possess. Others label it as a “cruel thing” that we should all avoid. With these three explanations, I become totally confused. I wonder who’s right and I wonder who’s wrong. So, I don’t want to side; instead, I’ll rather call it a “monster” or a “beast”.

Love is the monster or the beast that eats but never gets satisfied. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to feed it, its hunger never gets satisfied. No matter how hard I try to quench it, its thirst never gets quenched. But, it keeps wanting to eat and drink more. Everything seems not to be enough and adequate in the eyes of love.

Love is like a sickness called bulimia nervosa. The patient of this sickness can eat excessively and then throw up. I’ve tried my level best to be selfless and “worship” love; I’ve also given out everything I own just to have love. Unfortunately, everything has proven to be useless.

I purchased different kinds of chocolates and bought different types of presents to win love, but all efforts have proven to be unfruitful. It seems like there’s nothing suitable to fill the large-empty “stomach” of love and to quench its unquenchable thirst.
What is love? And I wonder if I will be able to know when it gets satisfied? Then until that day, love will remain forever the monster or the beast to me.


Tell us: In your opinion, what is love?