Life can be tough sometimes. There are some situations where you feel like nobody is there for you, you feel like you don’t deserve this living. Life can throw stones at you that you end up feeling like God doesn’t see your struggle and you hear people say this is just the beginning. There you go asking yourself if you are going to survive. Your question is, “How am I going to make it when suicide is the best solution for all the problems I have?”

I see people losing their lives because of challenges they face but I keep asking myself, “Who is going to finish my chapter when I’m gone?” I feel like ignoring everything but the strategy doesn’t work out because I overthink everything. I used to be an introvert but now I enjoy being in crowded places because my room speaks a different language. I tried to talk to the bottle when I couldn’t think straight but it created more problems because it demanded more money than what I had.

I’m so hopeless and lost. Books seem to be fruitful when I come across relating stories. Praying heals my heart and wipes my tears because I never lose faith. Some challenges just require you to change a way of living. Since I’ve become a book worm my life has started to be worthy again. I put my problems on a paper and read them aloud so that everyone can hear. From hopeless to self-belief, ohh yes search your life and find yourself!


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