I looked up and then down, like the stroking swimmer, at the huge clock on the wall ticking away the minutes at a snail’s pace. There was no question that it was Friday!

There I was, an intern in my tiny and cramped office. I was serving my articles. See, I was on my way to becoming a Chartered Accountant. The office floors were clicking with the sounds of quick footsteps. Everyone seemed impatient. I buried my head in my work, trying to scribble some notes on the files I’d just audited. I went on as far as preparing an income statement. If they don’t hire me, I’ll bomb this whole building, I noted silently.

I stretched my hands and yawned, a welcome release after some time of burying my face in my work. I looked up, “Yes!” It was exactly five o’clock, time to call it a day! I flew from the chair and it screeched. Being the tidy person I was, I cleared my desk. Everything was neat and organized. I slipped on my coat, grabbed my bag, and left the office. I bade goodbye to some of the employees I knew. Many were still hobbling through the hallways. Friday deadlines are the worst.

I pushed the huge, swinging glass door, and collided with someone. I apologized and excused myself. I made my way to the train station, passing the most famous bakery shop in town, its smell nearly drawing me in. I covered my nostrils with my hand and went on. I arrived at the station way too early. The train I was going to board wasn’t coming for another twenty minutes. I kept on glancing at my wristwatch, begging time to gallop on.

I sat down on the bench nearest me. There were few people around and it was starting to get dark. I snatched my beanie out of my bag and covered my head. I put my headset on and played some music. The music drugged me. I lay on the bench with my head bent to one side, my eyes closed and feet tapping at the floor.

My left ear heard no music. I guess the headset on that side had fallen off. I tapped my way down my abdomen, and was met with what my mind registered as a hand grasping mine. Gobsmacked as I was, I opened my eyes and mouth simultaneously.

A pretty girl stood before my eyes. I scrutinized her. She had flawless skin, a light complexion, and dimples which appeared every time her jaws moved. She had a pony tail on the crown of her head. She was slightly shorter than me. Her upper body was covered by a woolly jersey, her neck with a scarf. A small bag was hanging freely on her shoulder. She wore the world’s best skimpy skirt which left very little to the imagination. A tent was forming down my pants. Blame me not, I wasn’t a robot. I was and still am a man.

I slowly arose from the bench, like a perpetrator taking the stand at a trial. I unplugged my earphones and put them far away. At least I knew my manners. I flashed her my rare and luxurious smile. She looked annoyed. I was freaking out then. Every girl in my past blushed when I was smiling at them. Besides, she started it.

She turned on her heels and gradually walked away. My eyes trailed at her back. She stood in a secluded area and bent down, leaving her buttocks in view. Oh my, my! I was bringing someone home this Friday. I found myself walking towards her.

I stood an inch away from her. She smiled.

“Are you following me?” she asked. How do I answer that question?

“No, I like standing here. It’s less crowded and noisy,” I lied. Silence that no chef’s knife could cut took over. I fiddled with my hands. I moved them to her cheeks.

“You’re treading on thin ice, stranger. Leave before you become a victim,” she said, pushing my hands from her cheeks and looking away.

“Isn’t that cute? A damsel, looking out for me,” I said, leaning toward her forehead.

“Just leave!” she said sternly.

“You’re just saying that through your mouth, but your eyes are pulling me closer,” I smiled.

Footsteps approached from behind. I turned around and something square, cold, and strong collided with my nose. I fell to the ground directly on my ribs, the thud of my body echoing through the station. I looked up to get a glimpse of my attacker, but whoever it was fed me boots. I spun from the impact and hit my hip on the wall. Boogers and blood streamed from my nostrils like a cascade. I caught my breath and breathed evenly. I looked at the man who had victimized me.

He came closer to me, patted my pockets, fished through my wallet, and took a few notes.

“Next time I catch you putting your hands on my property, I won’t hesitate to send you back to your Maker,” a raspy voice echoed. I looked at the girl. She looked vulnerable and sorry for me. I nodded. He snatched her and they moved away.

A noise made by the train revitalized me. It was skidding away from the platform. I lifted myself up and ran faster than Usain Bolt until I heaved myself steadily onto the train. I plugged my butt on the seat and tried catching air. I reached for my handkerchief and wiped at the stains on my pants and coat. I then wiped the blood from my nose. The bleeding stopped after some time.

I tried to put two and two together, attempting to make sense of what had just happened before I boarded the train. It all became clear as day.