Men are pretty simple creatures, really. If a woman is attractive, men will want to go after her. If she turns out to be interesting and funny, they want to get to know her better. It is easy for women to make men happy. It is not a shame to say men need help to make their women happy. Advice here and there could help a little.

First let’s talk about independence. Some women like to be their own person; they hate being controlled, they want to feel free. These women want to date a man who is capable of doing things on their own. Other women want to be like a mother to their partners; they tend to control and run the lives of their men.

Women like to be complimented on their looks. They work hard to look beautiful; extension of hair, nails, high heels and other things. It may hurt a relationship if you don’t notice your women’s changes.

Women like to communicate with their partners and some men can’t express their feelings. Women like men who are free to express their feelings. It makes them happy. That’s how women are; special creatures on earth. Talk to your women about things that they like to hear.

What kind of woman doesn’t like positive things? The answer is: a few; at least 1% of them. Women want to know how positive the relationship that they are in is. They want to see a positive direction in their relationship. A promise to them can’t be broken; breaking a promise is like stabbing them with a knife. Women love promises, especially when they come true.

Women want a man who can socialise. They don’t like silent men. I’m not saying I’m good with women, but I am still looking for a way to find more about them. I also fail to understand them sometimes. This world needs people who feel free and understand other people’s feelings.

Women find intelligent people attractive. They love people who are not shy, who will talk sense to their minds. They say it is better to be a suspect of being a fool than open-mouthed and senseless. It doesn’t mean that those who are not intelligent don’t get to find women of their dream. Love is a weird emotion.

I mean one has to feel the feeling of wanting and have the ability to take action; responding to the feeling towards a particular person. It is often thought that sex is the best motivation in relationship. Women like men who show passion and dedication.

Men with a sense of humour are attractive. That’s why women want them. Women like to laugh, to have joy. Sense of humour means the person has to be funny and tell jokes. Women don’t like dull people. We often think that women care about money. It may be true to some other women and some men too.