Here is a story about a young girl who had dreams. Life was good when her mama was still alive. She used to tell her everything, especially about her goals. Her father was a hardworking man and a good husband to his wife. They were a happy family.

But suddenly things started to change when her mother passed on. She was left with her father and no one else was there to look after her. The man tried everything he could to look after his daughter but then alcohol decided to take over his life. Her father was now an alcoholic, sometimes he even forgot to buy food. The neighbours tried to help but then she felt like the help wasn’t enough, so she decided to stand up and go out to hustle for herself. Oh damn, her hustle just drove her into the wrong direction. Everything went all wrong and she was out of control.

The saddest part is that she lost her virginity and dignity to a man old enough to be her father. And guess what? She blamed it all on poverty.

After some time she started feeling sick. She went to a doctor and we all know what’s next, she tested positive, she was pregnant at only 16 years of age. What was she going to do with that baby? Because she dropped out of school and the man who impregnated her ran away after hearing the rumours.

Her father was so disappointed. He stood up and went straight to his room and pulled a gun out of his drawer and pointed it to his head. With tears in his eyes, he took his life without even saying goodbye.


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