I ask for no perfections, I’m not saying prepare miracles, but I ask for your humanity. As I observe, a lot of people no longer believe in democracy – or freedom even – because they have been neglected for 25 years in the name of a new South Africa. As a young citizen, I have met many poorer people who still believe in voting, despite their sorrows or poverty.

Mr President, be loyal to your oath of office and be honest to the citizen. Be in Tata’s footstep to change South Africa for the better. Change the government system to be better, change the nation.

It’s so sad to see the majority party that is presiding over us, wasting money on extravagant parties and events while there’s lack of proper housing and infrastructure. We, the youth, spend our time on social media because there are no job opportunities or projects.

We’re starving. We feel helpless and we’ve suicidal thoughts because we feel neglected. But I do believe we’re strong enough not to exercise such. Even though we’re depressed, some of us have engaged ourselves in drugs and alcohol because we try to avoid the fact of failing to improve our parent’s situation. We want our parents to cry tears of joy, not tears of giving up on us. We want to make them happy with our hard work.

I so wish, Mr President, to change the country because the change of the country is the change of the continent. And the change of the continent is the change of the world. Good luck, Mr President on your oath of office.


Tell us: Do you’ve any message or words of encouragement to the newly elected president of the country?