Walking to school is always interesting. This essay is about our walk to school.

We notice the weather on the way to school. One very cold day we were on our way to school, it was winter and we had to attend the morning classes. Some of us were sad and cold because our families had no money to buy hot jersey for us but we had to sacrifice and go to school because education is the key to success. That makes all of us sad too because we feel very sorry for those without jerseys.

One morning we went to school it was raining and we were wet because we did not have umbrella to cover ourselves with and our books were wet as well. Even at school it was hard for some of us to concentrate because we were feeling cold and we did not have books to write on.

Cars and taxis can be a problem on the way to school. When we are going to school we have to cross the road and that can be dangerous. Sometimes we have to wait for the cars to pass or we have to wait for the police to help so that we can cross the road. Most times the police are not there to help or they come late which makes us also late for school. It is annoying to wait for them or wait for the cars to pass before we can cross. Some of the taxi drivers drive while they are drunk in a high speed. Our school mates get into accidents and they have to go to hospital and that makes us sad. It is horrible to cross the road more especially when you are alone.

We see people on the way to school. We see friends sharing funny jokes and on our way we always meet this old lady who is always carrying a bucket. What we hate the most is the old man who is always crossing the road with his cattle and we hate waiting for the cattle to pass. We don’t like what the old man is doing because he makes us late for school. Sometimes we meet people who smoke next to us and we end up having asthma.

We walk to school with our friends. We like to share jokes, sing songs and debate about school. Most of the time some will say school is a bad thing, and some say school is a good thing. Other days if we forget to do our homework we sit next to the shop to do it because we scared that our teacher can kick us out of the class. After we are done we run to school so that we are not late. Some topics are about boys and girls and some about Generations and what is going on there.

We also talk about our maths, science and English home work. Sometimes our friends waste time by eating from their lunch box and we arrive at school late. When we carry on talking we talk about naughty boys in the road. We walk singing and when we arrive late we get into trouble.

Boys and girls sometime walk together to school. Sometimes it’s nice to walk together to school, like when we are talking about what we would do when we are working. Sometimes it’s very bad, like when boys take the girls’ school lunches and eat them, then they get into a fight. Most times I as a boy like talking to the girls because they are talking about class work and helping each other with their homework. And boys on the other hand it’s always “have you seen that new girl in our class she is so hot”, that bores me and sometimes they are bullying each other.

The best thing about walking to school is our friends. It would be long and boring without them.