Worthless, hopeless, alone and tired. That’s how you feel when absolutely nothing is going your way. No matter how hard you try, pray or cry, everything just seems so dark and miserable, like tomorrow doesn’t exist and better days are nothing but a myth.

It’s at this very moment when you are blessed with the greatest gift you could ever imagine. The gift of rising above it all; the gif of strength, the gift of choice. You can either decide to stay down when life makes you stumble, or stand up, crawl then climb. But whatever you decide to do, no matter what obstacles are put in front of you, breathe, focus and conquer what lies ahead.

Do not let one setback define you. You know who you are, you alone know what you’re capable of. So when life knocks you down, the question is – what are you going to do about it? You’re a lot stronger than you think, but it all starts with you. As the Spanish people like to say, “Estas destinado a la grandeza”, which means you’re destined for greatness.

So do not feel worthless, feel valued. Do not be hopeless, it may be a bad day but not a bad life. If you feel alone, become independent. And if you feel tired, then rest and try again. If you quit, you’ll live the rest of your life questioning what could’ve been.


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