In the world we are living, everyone aims for a better place in life. Each one of us has that picture for achieving several goals in life. Everyone you meet, either from a low or high class, aims for success in life. Even a four year old child has a goal to learn how to walk with both legs. A student has a goal of getting a degree and getting a good job one day. A street beggar has a goal of graduating from the street one day. A prisoner has also a goal of being released from prison. A sick person who is in a bed at the hospital also has a dream of a better day to say goodbye to the doors of the hospital.

In other words, everyone around the world, in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, is hoping for a better tomorrow, which is called success. So, whenever you are working hard towards your goals in life, never give up and never pay attention to all the people who try to bring you down on your way to success. Such are the kind of people who always want to see other people not achieving their goals in life. There are also other people who want to see other people suffering in achieving their goals in life. Such kind of people are the ones who forget that everyone is building his or her own future. Such are the kind of people who don’t know that most people are not sleeping here on earth but rather advancing their lives.

It might be that you are in your junior or senior year of your education at primary school, secondary school, high school, college or university, and you are working hard in order to succeed, but there are other people who are mocking you for being a hard worker, even reaching a point of telling you that, “We don’t do school every day.” You just have to ignore them and continue working harder. You have to use their words as a stepping stone to your success.

Remember: never try to vomit your success because of what other people say about you, everyone has his or her own destiny.


Tell us: Have you had people mock you for working hard?