For a moment, I sat down and thought of how, I could improve on my bad performance in maths. I had never passed the 50% mark and I wondered what the problem could be. Maybe I had a negative attitude towards maths and lacked enthusiasm. To make matters worse, it was announced that a maths test will be conducted the next morning.

I really thought hard on this one because I did not want to suffer another failure. But this time, I came up with a very cunning plan, the use of a leakage. It was a huge risk but I had no other option. So the next morning, I went with the leakage. 30 minutes passed by smoothly and I solved like and expert.

Just like the wise saying’s “good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality” and unfortunately, I was caught red-handed and the teacher really embarrassed me in front of the whole class. The maths challenge really challenged me.