We fall in love sometimes with the wrong people. Most of the time it’s the right ones but we can’t describe it. The love we share in our heart can’t be described anymore. Love is about joy, happiness, loyalty etc.

Sometimes loving someone is hard because your previous love can’t be compared to the current love. We fall in love for many reasons. Most of us fall in love because we want to be happy, we want to protect others, we want money but the love of truth is the unconditional love.

In our day, real love feels like it does not to exist. Because relationships are about what you have, and what you can give. People end up being single because they have been hurt a lot and they can’t manage another pain in there heart.

Love foosl us. It makes us do things we never thought we would do. Love hurts but we never back down. The most important part in love is connection, chemistry and having a bond. Love has unspeakable words. Before there was genuine love now we just want to satisfy ourselves. We love for money, not for what we feel.

If you truly love someone don’t love that person because you want something from them. You can’t be happy if you don’t let yourself be happy.

We share something special with our partners, relationships don’t work where there is no trust. Getting hurt in relationships is hard. We face drama, depression, stress, we try to move on, but if you truly love someone you go back to them. You give them a chance, hoping that they will change, but sometimes they never do. People don’t change.

Love always controls its path, it leads you to someone special. Falling in love is hard, you must take a huge path. Sometimes the person you really love is the person that you can’t reach.

We cry, we laugh, we get through it because what we feel is real. Time doesn’t exist when you’re with the one you love. Love can make you angry, it can make you feel as if you are nothing without it. But falling in love is easy if you fall in love with someone who will be truly in love with you.

Love can’t be explained, but the feeling we feel can be expressed to someone that is in our heart. All the years you have loved but there will be one person that you shared something with, one person who you truly loved. One person who can be replaced but the memories will always be alive.

That person stays in your memory forever. Have you ever been in a situation that you find yourself losing your mind for someone that is not in your life? Or that was in your life but now they’ve moved on? Sometimes I ask myself, why? Why does love treat us this way?

Some people don’t believe in love anymore, I don’t blame them. It’s because there is a lack of trust and a lack of communication. Some of us have been hurt too much. What I believe in is that you need to not compare your previous relationship with a current relationship.

Some love stories don’t have a happy ending, some do have a happy ending, but don’t last long. This is life, people make mistakes. There are mistakes that can’t be unforgotten. We can’t force someone to love you.

You can love again, don’t be afraid. Sometimes we spend many years with people we don’t love. Learn love, I know you can love again. Love is an unexpected feeling, unexplainable thing, but it’s what we feel. We can’t describe it, if we can fall for it.


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