She loves, she hates. She’s loved and she’s hated. She has made mistakes and has been through hell, but managed to get up and say, “I am okay.”

There goes my heart beating, and she is the reason, the reason I am breathing. She climbed every mountain and swam every ocean just to be with me and fix what she’s broken. And there I am, smiling, proud to call her my mom. She’s my heart beat. She took me out of the depths of my despair, she held me close when I needed her. She’s my Mother Africa and I am proud to call her my hero. She is my all!

She has let me down several times and left me when I needed her the most! But she tried to regain that trust. She fought for me when the wolves were to swallow my pride and build a monster in me. But my hero rescued me in the deepest darkest star because she shines. Though I was lost in so many different ways, she took me out of the death zone and put me in a bright way to follow! She’s my universe. She puts a crack in the shadows and she told me it’s okay to be this light and not to swim in the shallows!

My mom is a mom any child could ask for.

As a mother of four and a single parent to all those angels who are her burden, she gives them unconditional love and sacrifices her happiness for theirs. She plays a big role in my life. As I sit there alone, I remember the time when life tried to tear me apart from her. They took me to Robben Island, called an orphanage home, a hell disguised as a picture of angels. I felt broken, spiritually broken, but because she’s a fighter, she couldn’t let cruel people take me away from her.

My hero fought for me and won me back! She didn’t care if she was alone in this battle with no help; all she wanted was her precious, only princess in the palace.

And then, during the most difficult part in my life when I was emotionally, mentally and physically abused by my grandpa, she wasn’t there when I needed her the most. But, as always, “The hero saves the day.” She returned. There are no more words I can use to describe the hero in this precious soul, but all I can say is: Puleng Kim Mbali, I love you mommy!