I am a word, I live among human nature. I am stronger than anything else is. Man and woman decide to go to war using words, man and woman decided to love using words.

I am the word, from my mouth, I talk every day, I love every day, I go to school, work with my own words.

I have lived from beginning; I continued to live among the past ages. I have seen wars and been wars, I have seen slaves and I was a slave too, I have been with Kings and I made Kings and the strongest King. I am the word of all ages.

You want to be successful, use me, you want to love, use me. I am the word and you always use me every day.

Wipe all your tears, use me to show love to you and all, regain power and wisdom using me, I am the word who lives from each individual.

I am the word, use me wisely, I am everything to you. I am famous and rich, use me, I continually live from the beginning till the end. You hear me from radios to TVs also in computer devices, in newspapers and blogs.

I build love, computers, networks because I am word.

Use me, I am word and you have me in you, use me wisely.

I will make you a King.


Tell us: Why are words so important?