Thembi does not care about school. She is just there because she has to be there.

Thembi goes to Themelihle Secondary School where most of the children do not care about school and then there are others who love school. Sihle Ndlovu is a genius and always gets straight As.

Sometimes Sihle would go to school without any lunch, she would not have stationery and she would just go to school because she loves it.

Sihle and Thembi were neighbours and Thembi’s parents took care of Sihle. Mr and Mrs Khumalo knew Sihle’s situation and let her sleep over. They were even thinking of adopting Sihle.

Erica is Thembi’s mom. She works at a local coffee shop. The coffee shop was called The Coffee Shop and Erica was the manager. She was a step closer to becoming the owner. She had saved up for three years. She really wanted to be the owner so she could take care of her daughter, Thembi and take her to the best university.

Eric is Thembi’s father and he works at a shirt factory. They were thinking of using machines for doing everything the people were doing.

Months passed and it was time for the matric dance. Sihle didn’t have any money to go so she didn’t actually care.

This would play in Sihle’s mind every day. She would cry herself to sleep every single day. It was the end of year exams. Sihle studied hard and she got good marks whilst Thembi failed every test.

Erica would get angry and started hitting Sihle. That took Sihle all back to how her parents treated her. Sihle waited so she could finish matric and find her own work or something to keep her stable.

The matric results came out and the certificate. The night they gave it out was the night Sihle ran away. Sihle’s plan did not work out the only thing she could do was to sell her body. She got some money and went to go rent at a place. She would buy her own food and take care of herself.

Sihle didn’t like the life she was living but she had to do it to stay alive. Stanley Marks saw Sihle and took her in. Stanley cared for Sihle and loved her like his own child. He took Sihle to a university and Sihle completed her degree. They got married and had children.

Sihle saw Thembi and her parents on the streets. She was surprised at first then she took them in. Now the Khumalo family and the Markses live in the same house. They are together like family.

That is how Sihle’s life changed miraculously.


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