For a small fish he was swimming with sharks. He found himself in dangerous territories. These people did not play games, the place he was in wasn’t a day care and nobody gave a damn about him. He was on his own, alone in the death zone.

“Did you count the money?” asked one of the guys in the warehouse.

He felt like he was going to say the wrong words and upset these guys. One wrong word and he would be dead, he knew exactly how they operated. That’s why he didn’t want to lie and say he knew the exact amount of money that was in the briefcase. He didn’t know how much was in there and when you don’t know anything, you shut your mouth. That was one of the rules and if your break it, they will break you.

The criminal underworld wasn’t for those with faint hearts. He wasn’t a child anymore so he had to grow the hell up, he reminded himself of that every time he felt fear creeping inside his heart.

“I am not a coward,” he would say to himself.

Being a dangerous criminal wasn’t his dream job but it paid the bills. He had to find his way or get lost. It was as simple as that. The difficult part about his job wasn’t that he had to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. The difficult part was that he had to kill another person in cold blood and live with himself after that. This was a heavy burden on his soul, that was a price of being a killer and he knew that he had to pay it.

His next hit was a businessman, this man was a corrupt public figure and he had to die. The boss contacted him to take care of the situation. The financial markets were not favourable to the boss’s business enterprise and the killing of this particular top government official would trigger the inflation rate and steer it to the boss’s favour. He knew what he had to do and how to do it. He was a professional in this kind of stuff. He had to keep it as clean as possible and make it look like some kind of an accident. There should be no loose ends and nothing should come back at him.

The killing date finally arrived, he was prepared and ready to kill. His target, the government official, parked his car in the parking lot and went into his office. That was an opening he needed in order to place the bomb under his Mercedes Benz. He had to make sure that he wasn’t under any surveillance when he placed the explosive device. He was holding a remote control, some kind of small device to trigger the bomb and make it explode as soon as the government official got into his car. As he was about to sneak out of the parking lot, one of the security guards spotted him.

“Hey you! What the hell were you doing on that car?” asked the security guard.

He tried to turn and attend to the security guard behind him, instead he slipped and fell on the floor. He mistakenly triggered the bomb and the entire building blew up. He died with the rest of the people in the building.


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