Our words are more powerful than our actions because people oppress each other. What you say about me reflects what you think of me; it’s like a curse because it sticks in your head. During my schooling years I was called “stupid” by my educator and that single word remained in my head during my entire school career which made my schooling career unimpressive. I became stubborn due to being called stupid.

You might be wondering who I am, to be precise my name is Drezo. I am a young gentleman in his early twenties with pitch black shiny hair. I am one of those people with coffee coloured skin, with a thick beard, well-groomed sideburns and a cute moustache. You might think I am an egoist, but I am giving you a clear picture of myself and this is my story.

One Thursday night at seven o’clock, two of my male friends came to my house to fetch me so that we could go to the tuck shop to buy airtime and snacks. During this time there were gang wars in the township. As we entered the premises where the tuck shop was located, an older guy in his early twenties swore at me. I was fifteen at the time, so I just ignored him and proceeded to buy the snacks and airtime. On our way home from the tuck shop, the same guy swore at me again. I just said “back at you” and we left the premises of the tuck shop.

Close to the corner of my street we saw a rubber hammer thrown right in front of us. When we turned our heads towards the back we saw the guy from the tuck shop and his friends behind us. I decided to run home to fetch weapons (sjambok and kitchen knife) and came out running. I was followed by my dog. My sister saw me furious and the dog running behind me. At the street corner I called them to come to fight like real men.

We fought a massive fight because there was blood on the street. The street committee and my family were involved in breaking up the fight. The other guys were ganging up on me, the community members were watching us over their fences, and my friends were watching us fight. I only got one scratch, which now, you won’t be able to see.

I felt like I was fighting for my life and that fight made me look like a bad person and a lot of people became scared of me because I hit an older guy. People didn’t know the real reason behind the whole story from that night. I was named Mdogish which means top dog.

People see me as a gang leader who teaches their kids bad habits; I have no fear and don’t want to be told what to do. I dislike bullies and people think I am a bully. I questioned my identity crisis and remembered a quote by Katherine Mansfield “Perfect fit risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices do the hardest things on earth for you. Ask for yourself, face the truth.” Everything in life is not what it appears to be, what you might state is red could be green to someone else because there are people suffering from colour blindness. Looks can be deceiving due to that. You are eligible of losing something or someone important through a prejudice act; therefore don’t judge a book by its cover.