It’s not a good day, but my heart blows the wind of my shadow. I never dwell on my past to demolish my weakness. I redraw strength to conquer my weakness in my hood. They blow wind in all directions, but my heart is mistakenly wronged to persuade people the way they are. How long can my heart withhold all the pain brought about the same people called loved ones, how long can I build a true relationship if I am always being hurt like I don’t exist?

I am not some machine you roll on Schweizerreneke. You are the only place I ever called home. My town since birth, I cry home sweet home. You have been destroyed, I can no longer walk on you. Oh my beloved town. I feel unsafe walking on the street in my town, my home. Every day I walk with fear on the street, my pride is no more. We are wakened by a dark cloud falling all over the township and I am afraid to walk alone in the streets. Gangsters are wandering in our streets torturing us. I am ashamed of what you have become Schweizerreneke, the city of sunflower. The mighty land of the Khoisan has fallen.

My heart is bleeding, the torture and the killings have blown me away and I feel insecure even in my own home. Hatred has taken a fall on my heart, I can no longer hold my tears. I wake up every morning praying for a better town, but it has deteriorated even more and my cries, my tears have gone to waste. People are killing each other, fighting for power in the beautiful town of Mamusa.

Power has taken over our streets, we no longer have a police station to run to. It is a play ground, no one respects it and everyone is doing as they please. Our tears dry up, our township is covered in blood. Mzwera made me, but today it’s no longer the place I call home. The town that used to fulfill my heart with joyful moments, my heart is full of sorrows and I can no longer withstand the pain in my heart. Every moment is blown away by gangsters, torn apart by political monopolies. We no longer have peace in our small town, we’re scared even to shout out. Our voices are silenced by weapons. It is a play ground, no one sees everything, but our ears hear nothing, we are very scared.

We smell danger but we cannot run away. You have been good to us Schweizerreneke, but what they have turned you into is very scary. The rain no longer washes our pains away, we sin each and every moment because of hatred. Our mind has been demolished and we don’t respect each other. Oh my town’s my pride has gone to waste and my heart can no longer resist the pressure we face each and every day.

I am hurt, I am bleeding inside my body and I no longer talk the talk. I can’t be proud of my own town. Schweizerreneke has been demolished. The greatness of my town has flown away and I no longer have hope in my town.

Gangs have taken over, no leadership, no rules made by the law. Every leader leads us in wrong direction. My country has caused me a lot of pain. I need guidance, I hear a lot of elderly people talk about Apartheid, how abusive it was, but democracy is very cruel and I wonder why we don’t implement new laws to show gangsters how to live and to behave like humans.