It was during the night at some suburb in Sandton. There was this boy called Thapelo and so it happened that one-day T-man went to the shop and when he was on the way he saw some girl sitting alone crying. He then decided to go to her. “Hey, how are you?” he asked.

“Hey, what do you want?” she said, then she stood up.

Thapelo was surprised by the girl’s eyes, they were as red as coal in the fire, and the girl’s face was dry like a stone.

“You know what, never mind,” Thapelo said and walked away.

When Thapelo was a few meters further the girl called him and said, “Hey wait for me.” He stopped and waited for her. He asked what made her so angry and the girl replied that it was nothing.

“Don’t worry, sorry if I spoke to you in a bad way, it was not my intention to do that,” said the girl. Thapelo just smiled.

“No it’s fine, you don’t have to apologise it’s fine really.” Thapelo asked the girl her name.

She said, “My name is yours and yours is mine as well.” They smiled together.

“Ooh no, dogs!” she shouted.

Thapelo just ran as fast as he could while the girl had laughter in her face. She stopped and Thapelo stopped about 2km away from her. She laughed and said “I got you buddy.”

“You were fooling me? You’re going to pay for that!” He chased her.

“Stop, can you hear that? I hear dogs barking?”

“Let’s wait and see the dogs appear in a weird surprise,” Thapelo said and just held the girl’s hand. They jumped over the wall and fell on the grass, their breaths so low.

Thapelo stood up. “Where are we?”

The girl also stood up and they then rounded the yard until they found the gate. It was not locked; it was wide open. They got out.

Thapelo said, “You see, I like you this way, not when you are crying.”

“Oh no! What’s the time? It’s so dark.”

“Thapelo said, “It’s 8:30, let’s go home.”

“But weren’t you going to buy something at the shop?”

“Nope, I will say I forgot.” They giggled.

They went home together holding hands.

“My house is the blurple one over there,” said Thapelo.

“What’s ‘blurple’? You’re kind of crazy, little buddy.” They laughed. “Thank you for making my day,” she said blowing a kiss to him. Thapelo took her kiss from the air and placed it in his heart so forever it would stay there safely.

In the morning the girl woke up and her parents moved to a new place. She kept on looking at Thapelo’s door and gate but there was nothing she could hear. The door banged but when she turned to look there was nobody, like nothing at all.

“Till we meet again,” she said.


My story is about two people who met but they did not know each other’s names but they enjoyed the few hours they spent together. My story is dedicated to someone with whom I did the same thing with; we knew each other but without names.