Me and my friend Mj went to a week trip with my older half-brother who was visiting his cousin. When we got there his kids who were the same age as me, were playing soccer. His kids were cool in my opinion but in reality they were just mean people who would do anything to make you feel bad. I decided to try and fit in and become their friend.

When we went to play with them they gave us a death glare as they seemed to be annoyed by our appearance. As I always wanted to fit in with them, I thought being mean would help me with that.

I decided to be mean to my friend and I called him bad names. I even told them that the reason my friend was with me was because his parents were too poor to take him anywhere, and my older brother had asked him to come with us because he felt sorry for him.

My so called ‘cousin’ seemed to like what I was doing and they asked me to tell them more about my friend. With that said, I didn’t even think twice about telling them about Mj’s problems and his secrets that he shared with me.

We teased and laughed at Mj for the whole holiday. We called him ‘zombie’ just because he was different from “all of us” and when we were given chores to do we would tell him to do all the work for us.

The night before we were going to go back, me and my new friends with Mj went to the near little forest. It was a little late and the sun had just set with the little light left for us to see, but not clear enough to run through the bushes.

As I didn’t have a clear view I tripped on something and fell on the hard floor – face first. The guys didn’t stop to check on me, they just kept running and laughing at me. Mj came from behind as he was not running but just walking.

He saw my face full of blood and he picked me up and helped me to walk to the house. He used the hose pipe to clean up my face. After he finished he looked up to my face and asked, “Are you OK?”

That’s when I noticed tears in his eyes as I said I was OK.

And his last words before we were called into the house were, “I hope you enjoyed your holiday as you dreamt it would be, but most importantly I just hope it was worth it.” From that day forward I had lost my best and only friend I actually had. but I hope one day he will forgive and trust me.