It’s a place where we like to be happy all the time and not to be angry, where we have fun and do not discriminate against people who are different. A place where there is no racism and there are even magical portals that transfer you to other dimensions of peace. A place that is open for you to choose the kind of peaceful world you like the most and the world that you desire. A world where you can do whatever you want, where you can do anything that you imagine and do stuff that is impossible.

This perfect place is for teenagers who have the potential to succeed in life. Teenagers can do whatever they desire in their perfect world of peace, they can do things unimaginable. But if you imagine something wrong you will perish with that world and it will be no more. This did happen when Njabulo was just a teenager.

He was peaceful in his peaceful teenage life until some bullies came to bully him. He went to the peaceful world and destroyed it and he perished with it. No one saw him again. The perfect world of peace was made for teenagers to have their self-confidence and their problems in real life be swept away with just a click. So this perfect world of peace was made to help you develop your self-confidence and not have low self-esteem. This story talks about that. You just have to have your own perfect place of peace and don’t get angry and have grudges.