In the midst of confusion, there was a girl named Lindolihle. She was a bright and innocent girl and went to university. She made new friends and life was going smooth. Her and her friends started going out to parties and drinking and smoking alcohol. They used to sleep with different boys and said it was fashionable.

After months she started failing at school. She also found out she was HIV positive and 3 months pregnant. She did not know who the father was and her friends turned their backs on her. The only option she had was to go back home and her parents were disappointed. They had borrowed money from loan sharks in order for her to get proper education and expected her to come with a degree. But all that she came with was shame, a baby and HIV.

Neighbours laughed at her and she was the joke of her township. But she prayed to God and the year after she went back to school. She finally graduated and found a job as a political analyst. She changed her situation at home and she became a motivational speaker to motivate young girls living with HIV.


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