Here is the story about Jeanette, the beautiful girl who lived with both her parents.

She was respectful growing up until she had friends, that’s when she started disrespecting her parents. When she was young she used to ask for permission from her parents until the day the devil started using her.

One of her friends was having a 21st birthday party at her house. Her friends loved partying and she adapted to their lifestyle trying to fit in. She started misbehaving and disobeying her parents’ rules. Her friend, Mandy, invited her to her 21st birthday party, which she dodged. Jeanette changed her mind about attending the party and climbed out out of her bedroom window in the middle of that night.

When she arrived at Mandy’s house, she felt lonely because she didn’t know anyone else except for Mandy, who had invited her. Jeanette did not have a boyfriend because that is not how she was raised.

When she approached Mandy, Mandy gave her the cold shoulder saying that she was busy with her boyfriend. Jeanette felt betrayed because Mandy invited her only to ignore her. She sat alone looking at the other party goers. Then a boy approached her. He introduced himself as Thabo. The two of them spent the rest of the evening together. Jeanette was enjoying his company then he suggested that they go to a bigger bash in Pretoria. They left together in Thabo’s car. As they drove, Jeanette asked him to slow down, but he was drunk and ignored her. He looked at her for a split second and before they both knew it, they drove into an oncoming vehicle.


“Doc, what happened, why am I in the hospital?” Jeanette asked when she regained consciousness.

“You were involved in an accident,” the doctor replied.

“Where is Thabo, the guy I was with?” Jeanette asked.

“He died while coming here,” replied the doctor.

“And the other occupants of the other vehicle?” Jeanette asked looking a doctor in his eyes.

“They passed away too,” the doctor replied.

Jeanette wept and wept. Later, she asked the doctor to pass a message to her parents.

“Doc, could you tell my parents that they mean the world to me and that I love them with all my heart.”

The doctor did not reply.

“Please doctor!”

Still, the doctor did not reply. Minutes later, Jeanette died.

The other doctor who was also present asked why he did not respond to the girl’s wishes. He just cried and said, “The other two occupants who died were her parents. I didn’t want to hurt her even more.”


“Whoever disobeys their parents shall be put to death. Honour your parents so that you may live longer in the land your God has given you.” Ephesians 6 v 1.


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