Wouldn’t it be nice, to feed our eyes what we emotionally desire and make what we physically want to be easy for us? Wouldn’t it be nice to just get it that easily without standing up ourselves and working hard to get what we want?

I believe, we would all be happy, I mean, we wouldn’t dream or wish for things that we know that we could get that easily. I mean, why would we have bothered ourselves to work so extremely hard meanwhile, everything we want is just simply here, all we have to do is just command and get what we want – sounds simple doesn’t it?

It turns out at times, that the way things seemed is not what they really are. We want things but looking at those things realistically, we see that we need to have boundaries. It takes a lot of work to make our visions reality. I’m a very ambitious person and have come to believe that you can dream of getting somewhere it doesn’t just take dreams to get there.

I understand that some people’s backgrounds have a lot of influence when it comes to their dreams. Some people have to work twice as hard as others to achieve their dreams or to get what they want. For instance: a child who grows up in a financially inclusive and supportive household is more likely to reach their dreams than a child who grows up without parents and without a stable financial income.

Take me for instance, I had to make a lot of sacrifices and work hard just to help myself and to ensure that we have enough of everything at home. I had to prove my worth to many people in order to have a chance at a better life. I had to fight just to get as far as I have. I have goals and those mean everything to me, but I can’t do everything all by myself. With God’s mercy, I can reach them.

Sometimes we see beautiful things and get driven by them; not knowing where they come from and how that person get them or get to where they are. You have the power to train your mind to go after what it wants and to come up with strategies on how you’re going set your plans to action. It’s like a mind map. Everything costs work, nothing you desire comes easily. Hard work always serves you good as a person.

What are your hopes?

My hopes are to become independent and stable enough to provide for myself, to never have to beg anyone for anything. I’m working really hard to achieve that.

What are yours?

It’s in your power to make things happen if you’re serious know what you want, how you want to get there and what sacrifices you’ll have to make to get there.

In every situation, you should always know what your goals are, don’t let life or material possessions blind you. You should always think things through, don’t be in a hurry. Always remember to trust your instincts; they’ll always serve you well.

I hope we all learn, make breakthroughs in life and make it at the end of the day because it’s what’s important at the end of our lifetime.

I hope we don’t get derailed by everything that we see, things which we regard as important which are not. Let’s make sure we make good choices that will not only benefit us but those around us too.


Tell us what you think: What would happen if we didn’t make any sacrifices or put in hard work to achieve our dreams?