For a very long time I thought the ladies who said, “I’d rather be disrespected by a man who showers me with money than to be disrespected by a man who gives me absolutely nothing,” were clever or knew their worth because really, how can you let a man who doesn’t give you a thing disrespect or even cheat on you, but when you look really deep into it, they are not.

I want you to understand me very clearly when I tell you the reason why I say they are not. If a man gives you money or spoils you, will it change the fact that they cheated on you? Will it change the fact that they disrespected you? No! It won’t change any of that, you are no different to the woman who’s disrespected by a man who has nothing.

Letting a man disrespect you because he has money means you’re actually giving them power to do it over and over and over again because they know your weakness is money and that goes for cheating too. That is no different for settling for less because you’re not getting anything that’s tangible. Yes, money is tangible, but does it make you happy? It does. I know a lot of you thought I would say it does not, but money does make you happy, but money without love will never make you happy, instead it will make you miserable. I know I might be off topic, but I’m trying to make you understand: instead of settling for nothing why don’t you just get out of the relationship?

It hurts me so much when I see these young girls, or even elderly women, settling for nothing just because they are given money. They do not care how a man treats them, no, no, no, do not do that. Why? Can’t you get that money yourself and get out of that relationship?

I’ve seen a lot of females staying in relationships just because of money when they couldn’t care less about how they are treated in the relationship. That escalated into gender-based violence, which led to depression. That in turn led to substance abuse and ended up in a loss of life and sexually transmitted diseases. All that was caused by them letting their men do whatever they wanted to them because they helped them financially. Like, really? Why are you guys doing this to yourselves?

Don’t ever let a man get away with disrespecting, cheating on or beating you. It’s either you get out of the relationship as soon as possible or, if he beats you, then go to the police or tell someone who is close to you that you trust, so they can help you.

Don’t settle for less!


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