All of my life I never thought I would lose someone close to my heart. When I lost my mom, it was the worst days of my life. I felt alone, like the world had turned upside down, I didn’t know who to talk to or turn to. But it came to me to give myself to the Lord, thinking everything will be fine.

But what I didn’t know was, that is where life starts. When I say ‘life starts’ I mean that’s when I saw that life is not always easy, whether you give yourself to Jesus or not. If you meant to be in the situation you are in, then you are meant to be in it so you can have your own testimony and your own story to tell…that’s where I started seeing life different.

Things don’t always seems to be as you think they are and it doesn’t mean when challenges come you should give up or that there won’t be a way out. With God there is always a way out, he will heal you, he will close the open wounds and I thank him for what he has done for me. I thank you for reading my story.


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