Yesterday I went to our favourite place in Lalaland under the willow tree. Even though I hadn’t been there in a year, everything was still how I remembered it to be. With birds of the sky singing sweet melodies, flowers of different colours pleasing to the eye making it hard not to fall inlove with their beauty, and having kids running around in cheerful spirits. A smile slowly broke from my lips. I knew I was home, except you weren’t there with me.

My heart sank as I saw them. Her body tattooed to his, they both had that stupid look on their faces that says ‘I am in love’. I admit there is nothing stupid about that look, in fact it’s quite beautiful to look at.

She blushed as he bent down to pick one of the flowers on the side and said “A beautiful flower for a beautiful lady.” At that moment the look on his face as he said these words to her screamed KODAK. “I will never love anyone the way I love you.” I wanted to puke because of the load of rubbish I was seeing and hearing. By now I think we can all tell that I have problems that I need to sort out.

I didn’t want to look at them any longer, but there was something about them that kept me intrigued. By this time they had made their way to sit on a bench near the water fountain. Now his head rested on her lap and his eyes were closed as she ran her fingers in his short hair.

Every time she would look into his eyes, I swear I could see stars in her eyes. I remember thinking, if this is how happy looks like, then it never looked so good on anyone. They spent hours seating on that bench, laughing and being all playful, while my heart was breaking.

Memories started playing inside my head like a movie. Then it suddenly hit me that they reminded me of us, of the days when we loved each other like they do. But it ended with my heart broken and full of envy for people who are in love.


Tell us what you think: Do public displays of affection bother you when you’re not in love?