There’s this famous sci-fi movie from the ‘90s; I think about aliens that come to earth and turn the humans into looking like them. Also, it has a cool soundtrack. I know I should remember the name, but the ending didn’t really do it for me.

Still, I would have love to tell you how the humans defeated the aliens at some point and got back to looking like humans again. I’m 99% sure they missed how they looked.

In another life, I would’ve love to play that part of the human who defeats the aliens just to realise I’m okay with how I look. Also, to save the world sounds awesome.

But, in this life, you feel as if you’re always looking at yourself from a distance. Like you’re your own sidekick. You never get a chance to be on the frontline. How could you? You’ve always had less of your life to carry and more of other’s lives to hold, to experience. Somehow, you always get less of yourself to love.

Of course, the anger you feel towards yourself is valid. Of course, it is. But so is the love that comes once in a while. Everything inside of you is filled up with good. You’re made of the same world you’re trying to change. You’re made up of infinite good things, dreams, complexities, memories and things worth loving. Things worth not changing. You’re made up of good.

Not liking what you look at in the mirror is an exhausting way to live. I prefer to think I’m okay with the not liking, that I don’t have to decide if I love myself all the time. What if you’re not expected to seek a masterpiece to make out of yourself? What if you’re already one? A silent force of nature?

I’m looking in the mirror just after a shower today and someone is looking back at me. This person’s hair is shorter than last year. There are spots on her face and there is the same familiar hope in her eyes. There is the sun falling on her face, but she doesn’t look away. She needs to feel brighter. She looks familiar: it’s you. You needed to change the world so start believing in something great.

When your eyes meet the girl in the mirror again, you say to yourself, “You know what, you’re a good place to start.”


Tell us: Do agree with the author, that you’re a good place to start?