One doesn’t choose to spend the whole night with virulent and toxic creatures. They invade human’s territory uninvited. Surprisingly, they make themselves at home!

One night I opted to cuddle myself on the bed very early. It was a hot summer. My physique was echoing. I had a long and strenuous day, working out. I at least needed an ice bath but wasn’t prepared to take one.

In the middle of the night, something peculiar occurred. I felt too warm, woke up and dizzily went to open a window. Had I not opened it on time, I was going to suffocate and obviously bite the dust. There was no entry or escape of oxygen. It was just equilibrium, at a wrong time.

On early morning, I was frightened by something and woke up almost immediately. When I turned I felt something cold slithering under my pillow. It was a python! I jumped and moved across the other side of the room. The room was as dark as coal. I bravely went to switch the lights on.

As soon as I realised the ‘matter’ under my pillow, there was sudden rush of adrenalin flight within me. I was as vibrant as hunter’s bow. My mouth went dry, my body shivered and my hair vanished into thin air. When I attempted to shout for help, the voice didn’t come out. I was just miming!

Finally I heard a door handle moving. Wide open it was! My granny of all people, came to my rescue! Her walking stick was glued to her hand. By that time, I was panting non-stop! Once she noticed what was going on, she quickly calmed me and sneaked towards the python. She lurked and stroke it fiercely. It was dead, just like that. My ouma saved me! An old and helpless lady I had labelled her.

Guess what? My phone alarm rang. I was up. I gave myself a pat on my tiny shoulder. Yes, it was true. I was dreaming, not just any dream, but the worst dream I ever had.