Why do we always cover up for other people’s mistakes? Why is it that our parents feel obliged to say they are at fault if something went wrong with their kids? Why do the abused woman say she did something wrong to be beaten up?
Why do the best friends say they should’ve done something else to cover up our fault?

As long as a child is able to know that they have the “so-called” rights, they are old enough to know when they have wronged someone or done something bad. It shouldn’t be the parent’s responsibility to clean after them.

What they will do is only encourage them to keep on doing bad things. If they can be old enough to do wrong then they should be old enough to fix it themselves.

Women and children are often abused differently all over the world. But one thing they have in common is the fact that they love whoever is abusing them. Have you ever wondered why women stay in bad relationships? Well the answer is very simple. Women let emotions cloud their judgement often than men. If she could see that abuse is not love then she could get out sooner rather than later.

We the youth, worse in our teens often do things behind our parents. We often lie about studying, while we’re out partying. Our friends often cover for us whenever we are in trouble making it hard for us to acknowledge when we are wrong and when we are right causing us to always look for someone to blame for our mistakes.

If only one person can take responsibility for his own actions then our days on earth would be the greatest days of them all. If only my parents told me to clean up my mess and pick up my own pieces then maybe I would’ve learned from all those little mistakes that turned out to be bigger the longer they covered up for me.

Therefore I say we are all to blame.