They don’t like her kind even if she’s kind
They’d rather throw stones but they live in a glass house
All she’s doing is living but according to living gods
She shouldn’t be breathing

Has to fight her family and the world
Didn’t create herself but they say her creator hates her
Was brave enough to live her truth but like a soldier
She may suffer from PTSD

The anxiety of knowing someone out there is plotting against her as the plot thickens. Imagine the last person you see as you die is your best friend behind the trigger. Blood is spilled, it’s not like crying over spilled milk, because blood/life can’t be bought or replaced.

We were put in place to share love but sadly we share hate more. They’d rather see a murderer, rapist and child abuser walk around their streets freely than see a woman who’s proud and expresses her sexuality. They’d rather be a witness to shootings, crime, and domestic abuse than see two women holding hands while their hearts beat as one. Tell me why.

They don’t like the way she loves. Why has love become disgusting? Love shouldn’t be in disguise. They don’t like the way she loves but I promise you she can’t change the way she loves. If you’re happy be happy. Who am I to deprive you of happiness, I didn’t create you so who am I to cast stones at you? I’m a sinner and let he without sin cast the stone first.

Don’t let them chain you, don’t let them hang you. You’re not wrong for choosing love over fear. You might lose friends for coming out but you’ll gain more worthy of your friendship. Let them jump ship and just know they were disguised as sheep. Just know you’re not what they call you but what you answer to.

Why can’t you let her love? Why do you hate the way she loves when we all deserve to be and feel loved? No matter how you feel about the matter, it’s still beautiful the way she loves.


Tell us: Why do you think there is still discrimination against gays and lesbians?