It was in the evening when I completed my daily routine and I was very tired and stressed out due to the day’s work. Resting on my bed, I brought out my phone and logged onto the Facebook. There were notifications and messages. I checked the messages first before the notifications.

Facebook was my only friend and companion, for I was always working round the clock and was always the only guy around. I’d been heartbroken recently by the girl I so much loved and cherished. I couldn’t believe that she cheated on me and even dared me to do my worst. That was how my 2-year-old relationship with Vinna came to an end. It was a bitter and sad experience which left me in a state of lacuna for a very long time. Since then, I never venture into any relationship again.

Back to the present, I opened my Facebook notifications and checked my comments on a group post. A female user by the name ‘Augustina’ had replied and I replied back. We soon got chatting and I asked her to add me up, she obliged without much ado and that was how our relationship started.

Three months into our relationship, Augustina started acting strange. I soon noticed it but whenever I asked her the reason behind her strange behaviour, she’d either give excuses or get mad or at times give me ‘cock and bull’ stories. Like a gentleman, I always let it slide without pushing it further.

It was a bright Monday morning when I logged into my Facebook account, only to find out that Augustina had blocked me. I was so flabbergasted and worried that I hurriedly logged out and called her. It rang without being picked up. I sent her an SMS only for Augustina to reply back that I should forget about her.

It was after pressing hard that she finally opened up that her mother thought she wouldn’t live long due to her (Augustina’s) heart problem. She finally dropped the bomb shell that her mother wanted to force her to get married since she was the only child and her father is late.

It saddened my heart. Honestly speaking, I so much loved Augustina that I was willing to sacrifice anything for her happiness. But I was only 22 while Augustina was 23. Weren’t we still too young for marriage? I felt we should be planning and working towards our future and not thinking about marriage. I decided to consult some older and wiser people I knew for their opinions on the matter.

After consulting some elders, I was given many advices and each of them ended with, “Do not rush into marriage. At 22 you are still very young and need to focus on you future, not marriage.”

Some of the advice I was given also came with a warning, that it might be a plot by Augustina to force me into early marriage or tie me down or worst still, hold my emotions hostage. I sat myself down and gave those warning some deep thought. I soon got a hint. I called Augustina again but she replied with harsh words. I was already getting suspicious of Augustina’s behaviour.

How on earth would a girl that toasted and confessed her love to me be acting in such a way? Then the previous events started unfolding.

First, Augustina told me that she felt insecure about me, that I might be snatched away from her by another lady. She suggested that I impregnate her and when I asked her reason for such, she replied that it was to tie down my heart to her with a child. I was mad at her but acted calm and assured her of my undying love for her.

The second was when she suggested a blood oath. This made me furious that I wanted to attack her with angry and rude words but I managed to control my temper. I asked her reason for such unwholesome acts and she replied that she wanted the assurance that I really loved her. I assured her of my love for her but made her understand that I wouldn’t dare any blood oath.

I don’t love easily but when I do, it’s always true.

After playing back on the past events, it now dawn on me that Augustina might be playing pranks after all, trying to force me into early marriage. She had recently blocked my line and also on Facebook. With all these, I had given her grace period to come around. But if she failed, I’d have no other choice than to move on.

I have a bright future ahead and I wouldn’t let myself be distracted by anyone. After all she had chosen her path. Good thing I never agreed to the blood oath, had I agreed I would have been in a love prison while she moves around freely.


Tell us: What extremes had you gone through to prove your love to someone?