She was only 20-years-old and he 41-years-old, they had been together for 2 years. He referred to her as his ‘side chick’ she called him her ‘sugar daddy’. Jessica grew up poor with ambitions and goals, but the poverty imprisoned her from expanding and exploring her dreams. She had materialistic goals and the finest clothes, exquisite shoes and jewellery. Television and society depicted to her that the value of love was attained from materialism.

Jessica knew that being a female; she could use her body as a means for all her ends. There was no need to work hard or study – the righteous way of life was no guarantee for success.

“This is my daughter Jessica, Jessica this is my boss, Mr Gibson,” father Jessica’s said as he introduced his work colleges to his daughter. The annual work party took place at Jessica’s home, much to her father’s relief for he assumed he might trick his boss for a promotion. However, Jessica’s father, unbeknownst to himself, that he was the one to be fooled.

“Mr Gibson,” Jessica said by way of greeting her father’s employer.

“No, that title is from 9 to 5 call me David,” Mr Gibson replied.

“Okay fine, Dad is there anything I can do and help with?” asked Jessica to her father, who mentioned that she could begin by clearing the dining-room table.

“Well, Jessica how old are you?” David asked as he offered to help her in turn.

Her father was welcoming more guests that arrived at his house.

“I’m 18, Mr Gibson, I mean David,” replied Jessica as she corrected herself.

“Well I’m 39-years-old, say Jessica how would you feel if your father got promoted?” David said.

“Happy I suppose,” Jessica replied.

“Jessica I think you are very pretty,” said David as he placed his hands momentarily on her shoulders.

Jessica felt helpless as the dominating aura of David began to overwhelm her.

“Jessica that’s fine thank you, now off to bed,” father her ordered. “Mr Gibson, everyone arrived shall we commence with the party?” He added after Jessica left the dining room.

“Yes sure,” David said as he watched Jessica leave for her room.
Jessica’s father had shown David a picture of his daughter earlier that week and straight after David came up with the party idea.
“Did you buy the extra alcohol?” David asked one of his employees who was there for the party.

“Yes, sir, as you ordered,” The man replied.

“Great then let the party begin,” David announced to the party attendees. The party went throughout the night before the guests now begin leaving. Jessica’s father was drunk and passed out in the lounge. Mr Gibson told his other employees that he would ensure that everything was okay after everyone left.

“Jessica are you asleep?” David enquired as he entered her room. She lay awake in her bed when David switched on her room light and closed the door“Your father’s passed out forgive me, I didn’t know he was a light drinker,” he said as he made his way closer to her. He sat on the edge of her bed and motioned for her to come sit next to him. “Jessica do you have a boyfriend?” He asked when she sat next to him.

“No,” Jessica replied shyly.

“Why not? For such a beautiful girl like you to be single is a crime,” David laughed as he placed his one arm over her shoulder. Jessica’s heart was beating yet she had no power to do anything but simply comply with David. Seeing that he wasn’t getting a reply he continued on, “Jessica I’m going to be honest with you, when I first saw you, I fell in love with you,” David said as he began playing with her hair.

“I….don’t know…. what to say,” Jessica replied nervously.

“Don’t worry Jessica, whatever you want phones, clothes or money; it will be yours,” David said placing his hand on her thigh. “I also promise that your father will get a promotion,” David continued in his tempting of seducing Jessica. “I really do love you, please just give one kiss and I’ll go,” he said when he saw her considering his offer.

“Fine,” Jessica said then she kissed David. “You said only a kiss, not that as well,” Jessica said when David made it clear that he wanted to sleep with her.

“I know, but we might as well go all the way,” he replied.

David lightly pushed her on her back and commenced to take off her clothes. She lost her virginity that night and could not have foreseen that their affair would still be continuing two years later. The thought of all the materialistic things she could have is all that drove her further into David’s arms.

Although Jessica possessed the latest gadgets, money, fancy clothes, a car and expensive jewellery; she was miserable. She realised that David had just been using her to satisfy his lust. Jessica found out that she was HIV positive and knew that David was the only person that could have given it to her. It was too late, she knew that David could get any woman he wanted just by flashing that dashing smile of his and his money.

She regrets having let David seduce her two years ago and wished that she had made different choices regarding her life. She could do nothing about her status now, that’s the price she was paying for materialism.


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