Statistics are just ballooning for the crime that is being commited in this country. Earlier this year I lost my belongings at the University. The place I thought should have been safe for the young University Community. And should anyone care to check up the cases from the head of security at the University they are surely about to burst.

There are various examples that one can advance, the recent one being that of Jackson Mthembu and the most unfortunate situation of Senzo Meyiwa.  What does it take for the law to toughen up and be equal to the challenge of fighting these shenanigans? What makes matters worse is that we know some of these people who are doing these antics. What pains me is the number of cases that are being closed at the SAPS stations on the basis that there is ‘lack of evidence’. The question is: How much strides are being taken to investigate these cases or is it a matter of resource being scanty or lack of capacity?

Am afraid but looking at the modus operandi of our SAPS personnel even if they can get all the personnel or resources, the rot goes way deeper than that. The reason our people cannot whistleblow or tell who these criminals are, is not that they do not know them but because our of weak justice system. They know quite well that these perpetrators will only take six months and they will be out and you will be the person now to be victimized and live like an outcast or pariah in the country of your birth

The other institution that needs a very close scrutiny is our courts, especially after the judgement of Oscar Pistorius. We might not be able to flaunt the Latin language like my educated friends but this case left a very bitter taste in the mouths of our citizens.

It was very good as a nation to have human-rights enshrined in our constitution especially after our history as country, but this also left a window open for some shrewd or unwarranted personalities. As we celebrate twenty one years of democracy, maybe this is the right time to reflect and call for the review of the Constitution. Just to tighten up the screws for the betterment of this country.

You read books like Nothing left to steal by Mzilikazi wa Afrika and you will start realising that the very same people who are supposed to protect us, are the perpetrators of crime, violence, corruption etc. In the immortal words of Martin Niemoller, I echo “They came for socialists and I did not speak out, then they came for trade unionists and I did not speak out. And they also came for Jews and I did not speak out since I was not a Jew, they therefore came for me and there was no one to speak for me as everybody was gone”. We need to know that freedom and rights are not selective but for everyone, therefore we need to share them with each other. It is on that note that for me the right for safety and security of our people stands out…