It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. The sky is so blue, the leaves so green and mostly it’s the day to praise the Lord. Everyone on the street is holding his or her Bible and moving too fast, as if something is wrong, but nothing is wrong; they just love to hear the word of God.

One day, my older brother tried to argue about the church stuff, trying to make me smoke whoonga like never before, trying to make me see the world differently. When he saw me holding my Bible, he freaked out and become so mad. I thought it might be better, because God is always with me protecting me and giving me the power to overcome myself. On the street, younger boys see me as a fool amongst fools because I don’t smoke whoonga and I’m always praising God, who is my everything in the world.

The words that are ringing in my mind are: “Let them judge you, but sooner or later they will realise what’s good for you!” Those words keep coming to me and I said to myself: Fanzile, don’t judge a book by it cover because it might be good outside, but inside it’s ugly. Let me follow my heart. Nothing can stop me praising God above us all. If they continue judging me, they must be having a reward at the end, because they’ll judge me but I won’t change for anyone.