Everyone thinks love is so beautiful, such a fairy tale. Love never lets you be fully happy without the other, it’ll never let you separate. Love is parasitic. It’s painful and it’s so inconvenient. Love changes people either for the better or for the worse. You’ll never find peace knowing that the other is unhappy.

All you want is to be their source of happiness and peace of mind. Love makes me sick. It will make you endure the worst behaviour and make you question your worth. Love will make you put yourself last only to make the other happy. Your happiness, last.

Love is like a drug that we struggle to overcome. It is so addictive and can make you lose your mind. You’ll crave it until you find it, once you get it, you realise how bad it is for you. Love is toxic. It’ll make you depressed and suicidal. Love is not good for you, but it is. Love is remarkable. Love is the one thing that can cheer you up when you’re feeling sick.

It’ll water you and make you blossom like the most red rose in the garden. A rose. Love will find its way even where there seems to be no way; it will manoeuvre into your life and will always stay. It will make you realise the beauty of the world, how the sun shines more brightly, the sky looking bluer, birds chirping louder.

Love will make you realise the worth of nature. It will humble you and teach you humanity, it will teach you to be kind and motivate you to do better. What is love? Love is the drug that will always remain in your bloodstream.

Tell us: What is love to you?