Alas! You got persuaded but you let your insidious adrenaline drive you completely to the fate of madness. Mama, your ambition was indefinable like a silhouette of the night. We grasped you but you slipped like fish in muddy waters. Precisely, that new man of yours was just full of deceits and charades that made you blind. Primarily, you succumbed to his green lights or sweet talks without knowing that was a snare of obliteration.
You chose to leave your beautiful home fenced with shrubs. You actually opted for divorce with my father without a trial. Finally you walked away with another man without looking back. You ought to sever the vessels to the family by starting a new one far off.

I felt numb the moment I knew that you had been cheating on my father. He tried to take you back into your senses, you barely listened. He tried to bring you back home but his words vanished in thin air like a vapour after the sunshine. Mama, your instincts were roofed with delusions of that new man of yours, hence you left us in a sombre grievance.

When I was a toddler, Mama, you were my sun that shone in the day and stars that shone in the cloudless night sky. Mama, your presence was heart-warming in a rainy season. You were the source of my happiness.

I remember once I said, “Mama please stop it! This is insane!”

“I’m your mother, you have to respect me, Thoko! I kept you in my womb for nine months. If I wanted I would have aborted you on the same day I knew that I was pregnant. Don’t talk to me like that ever again. You don’t really know the reasons why I’m doing this,” you had told me. I felt ruined and I couldn’t hold myself. I shed tears.
Few months later, after you walked away from us and started a new family, my father got sick and he passed way. Perhaps, he died because he had suffered a lot from the trauma caused by your betrayal. I felt I lost everything. I hated you.
Eventually you said the man that you walked away with was so abusive and unfaithful. He beat you up. He was barely responsible for his own baby that you were carrying inside of you. He treated you as a wife he didn’t want anymore.

Now, you’ve come to your senses and you regret the choices you have made. I know you are deeply remorseful and stressed. Now you want my forgiveness so that I can let you come back home and stay with me. You are still my mother. You are still welcomed but I will never forget what you did to us.

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