I have been sabotaged. People are not what they seem. They will stab you in the back when you least expect it. Just imagine being good to people and they return the kindness that you give them with negative energy, it’s tough I know but that’s life. You can only grow with pain in life, the pain you receive now is the success you’ll receive in the future.

You know there’s something about life that I don’t understand and that’s hatred, I mean where does it come from? You’ll find a person hating someone for no apparent reason while others get jealous of a person who has certain assets which could be like a particular car, a cellphone or lifestyle.

Social warfare has existed for a long time. The war of words between people has led to different kinds of conflicts in the past such as wars where different ideologies for initiating wars have been imposed. Social warfare is a mental battle between humans and it is something that can either hold you back or help you in life, depending on the people that could be either your friends or family that you know.

I have been friends with people that didn’t care about education and vice versa. I have found those that work hard and those that play in schoolwork. Those that worked hard prefer to study on themselves, well most of them, while the ones that are lazy or unmotivated to study are always negative in regards to schoolwork.

Then there’s bad luck, which is associated with demons. People say that demons don’t exist, well we have our own beliefs and perceptions on that. A lot of people claim that they’ve seen demons, others say they’ve seen them in their dreams, others state that a demon has sabotaged their minds and crippled them mentally.

Doctors don’t focus on demons, they focus on your body’s blood, heartbeat and wellbeing. So you can’t get help from a doctor in regards to that situation. Have you asked yourself what makes a demon? A demon carries only one thing, and that answer is evil. The definition of evil is when someone does something that is inhuman to another human being. In other words it’s an action that is not supposed to be done by a normal human being. When a human being becomes a serial killer, thief, a conflict creator, or a liar then that human becomes a demon in the other life after death. If you are a serial killer and you kill people you can’t expect to go to heaven, you won’t belong there as your heart is full of evil.

As much as there are good people out there, bad people exist too. The world has 50% of good people and 50% of bad people. But it seems like bad people dominate the world. Look at politics and the economy and you’ll see that there’s a lot of corruption and unfairness.

In politics the people at the office that are supposed to benefit the people are benefitting themselves instead of the people. That is selfishness at its best, while people are living in poverty you’re busy eating the tax payers money that’s supposed to benefit the people.

In the global economy developed nations have everything but they don’t have resources like in developing countries. The truth is developing nations in Africa have an abundance of resources, in fact Africa should be the richest continent in the world because of the wealth of resources that we have but because of unfairness we’re the poorest continent in the world.

Sharing and fairness is the most important way of living. It’s the way to go. The amount of money that is generated through the sales of mineral resources extracted, manufactured and sold should be equally shared but that’s not the case because there are a lot of bad people that think only for themselves on such systems.

The world is full of greed. It’s every man or woman for himself or herself. A lot of good people change and become bad because of the people around them. But changing and becoming into a bad person isn’t good for your soul, not at all. When you hurt someone you feel bad, why? It’s because human beings were not designed to hate but to love.

Remember when you were a kid and how happy you used to be? You didn’t hate anyone at all but as you grew up you learned about HATE. HATE is a strong word. It’s a powerful word that has contributed to different kinds of conflicts in the past that were either based on racism, discrimination, xenophobia, wars and genocides.

Life focuses on the present, the past is irrelevant and it doesn’t matter, only the present and the now is key. The past will only bring you stress or make you depressed.

There are a lot of things that can be discussed. Life experiences and the (MLS) Modern Life System. Let me focus on the MLS as the life experiences has been briefly discussed above.

In MLS you go to creche, then you ascend to Grade 1 up to Grade 12. You move up to university, get a degree and a job, simple isn’t it? Well it depends on the country that you’re born in and how hardworking you are. Education is not a piece of cake, it requires time and effort and a lot of commitment for you to achieve the pass level.

Education is fair for everyone but people don’t take advantage of it as there are a lot of high school drop outs in most developing states. Education opens and broadens your mind and that is why it is requires a lot of self-discipline because it is a long term work that will take time for you to accomplish.

Imagine a world where there’s no crime, no hate and no evil. We’ve been promised of that world in the bible which is known as heaven, but why can’t we make earth heavenly to live in for every single human being? Why must we wait until we die to live the good eternal life?

Instead we live in a world which is full of disadvantages socially and economically for developing nations. I haven’t been to hell, nor would I wish for anyone to be there, even my enemies don’t deserve to be there, or anyone that has done something bad to you. But bad, evil people go there when they die and that’s a reality that can’t be sugar coated.

I hope that our future generations will take the time to learn about everything that has divided the human society in the past, so that they can have a peaceful life without violent conflicts. Imagine how far we would’ve came if it wasn’t for all the wars and violence that occurred throughout our human history. High definition television could’ve been invented in the early 1920s or 1930s. The modern cars that we have now might’ve been developed earlier at that period. Just look at how technology has grown over such a short space of time, such an idea of modern technology being developed earlier in the past if it wasn’t for wars and conflicts cannot be disregarded.

As I look at the world now I can safely say that part of the human society that has good people are focussing on helping the future generations not to repeat the mistakes done in the past and that’ll be good for the internal soul of the future generations. The human soul is the person that is inside of you that you can only access when you are sleeping and dreaming. The human soul can also be accessed during death. When you dream the impossible becomes possible, perhaps dreams are a slight insight of how life in the next life is.

Every person has a different perception of dreams. Some believe that they’re important while others believe that they’re not, while others feel that dreams don’t make sense at all. Dreams in my opinion offer us a higher level of thinking that we can’t use in reality. In a dream you can see people that you haven’t seen before but they look real.

You can see people that you know and also places that you’ve seen vividly. Some people have the ability to be aware of that they’re dreaming when they’re in a dream. This happens when you start to think of the actions that you’re doing when you’re within the dream, at that particular moment when you realise that you’re in a dream that’s when you’re able to control your soul manually.

A lot of people control their souls automatically in a dream and they do things without even thinking. Nonetheless the result is the same for all humans that dream. The result is that after you’ve woken up from a dream in the morning you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, that’s because you were using your soul.

That’s what I believe because it makes sense to me and it’s an opinion which falls amongst millions of different opinions that each and every human being has that are brought up by the environment that we grow up in. Our perceptions and experiences are brought up by the circumstances that we experience in our respective environments.

And those experiences shape our future, it is those experiences that can either make us a good or bad person and it is the same experiences that can either send you to heaven or hell because whatever we do whether it’s public or private is seen by one eternal being and that’s God.