In a small township called Soshanguve, there was an old house that was once owned by an old granny who passed away. Miss Khosi bought the house after the passing of the old woman and lived there with her family. She had a son and a daughter. Zamo was in Grade 11 and his sister, Zimele, was doing her final year in matric.

Zimele couldn’t seem to fall asleep and this happened every day. She was always seeing this old lady in her dreams. Her mother thought the ancestors wanted Zimele to thwasa but Zamo couldn’t understand why.

Days passed and Zimele’s sleeping habits hadn’t changed. She was still dreaming about this old lady and now she was sleep walking.

Miss Khosi decided to take Zimele to an apostolic church. They meet a prophet and he informed them that they are living in a haunted house, and that the old lady was distraught.

Zamo told his mother of the rumours were going around. People were saying there was an old lady who was a sangoma and she died two years back. The prophet told miss Khosi to do a ritual (sehlabelo) so that the old lady could rest in peace, knowing that the Khosi family had moved in her old house. If not, the old lady will kill Zimele or turn her into a zombie.

A few months later, Miss Khosi called her family members and they performed the ritual. Zimele was freed from the old lady who was haunting her family and she started to sleep well again. Then rain started to pour, which was a sign that the old lady was finally resting in peace.

Zimele passed her matric and Zamo achieved everything that he wanted. After all, you should respect every house you move into or visit.


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