Could I experience a perfect day?

Where the grass is greener than ever. Where Diamond is happier than ever? Would a magical island open up their senses for them to have the time of their lives?

It was a lovely sunny day, the rays of the sun warmed her face. The birds were chirping all around and the flowers were in f ull bloom giving a heavenly fragrance in the breeze. Jennoliah and Diamond woke up. They then got down from the tree house and rolled on the soft flowers and grass. Jennoliah picked a pretty pink flower and put it in her hair. She then thought to herself this is not the real world.

“Then where am I?” she asked.

Then she heard a soft voice reply.

“We are on a magical island”. It was her puppy.

“Wow! You can talk”, Jen Noliah said.

“This is amazing.”

It was the most magical thing ever. They decided that they should use their time to explore the Magical Island. They needed to get the best view of the Island. The highest point on the island would be perfect. They both could see a mountain and decided to start there. On the way up the mountain, they both came across a beautiful spring. The water tasted crisp and refreshing.

There was rustling of the tree leaves, the flutter of birds flying out of their nests.

At the top of the mountain a strong breeze blew. The view was awesome. They could see the tree house that they were in and also a secluded beach bay. Something caught Diamond’s attention. Jennoliah’s puppy was interested in a floating, fluttering butterfly. And then there was another one, and another.

“Let’s see who can catch the biggest butterfly!” said Diamond.

Jennoliah replied, “Let us do it!”

Soon they both were trying to catch the butterflies. They were both laughing and giggling with excitement.

Later in the afternoon they both made their way to the bay. The soft sand on the beach felt soothing between their toes and paws. Sensing the strong sea breeze made the pair smile, they loved the beach. Jennoliah was thrilled to see that some sea shells were on the seashore.

Jennoliah used some of the shells and dried seaweed to make necklaces for them. They sat close together while they both watched the setting sun. It was such a beautiful sunset – colours of orange, pink, red and yellow danced across the sky.

“This was the most perfect day ever’, said Jennoliah.

“Jennoliah, the best part was sharing this day with you”, said Diamond.

The pair laid out on the soft sand and closed their eyes. Jennoliah opened her eyes and was staring at the white ceiling.

“Five minutes then it’s your turn for the bath room”, said Jennoliah’s mother shouting across to her. “lt’s a Monday, Jennoliah, it’s school.”
It was then that Jennoliah knew she was back to the real world and that her perfect day was just a short snooze away.