In my country when I visited in 2011, we were faced up with a large terrifying storm which destroyed all our crops and killed our cattle in just a few minutes. Luckily I stayed far from the area where the storm had occurred, but it was getting closer to my house. It ended up swaying and it stopped after a few days. When this had happened and the land had dried up, I then began to think of a story my father used to tell me.

He used to say that I should enjoy my life to the fullest because you never know when it will all end and that everything that we think is too long is actually the shortest. I wanted to believe the old man but that would have spoilt my fun as a child. Having to live knowing that you will one day die is not healthy. So I was against some of his stories and only a few made sense and all the others I regarded as a piece of crap from fairy tales.

When the world has become so terrifying now, this reminds me of how short life is. I don’t even want to think about his worst stories anymore because they make me freak out. Instead of focusing on this dying chapter, I should try and change my life. Most of the time I have seen that most poor people convince themselves by saying, “Why should I work hard and sweat when I’m going to die anyway?”

Yes of course, I have seen the storm and we all have seen strange things happen such as the increase in crime, conflict and all the other things. But this must not stop us from our freedom, we should die trying at least.

This brings me to Senzo. Senzo was always concerned about his life; he worried too much about his future that he stressed himself to death. Senzo grew up in a small village in a poor family. The poor guy had always dreamt of making his mother feel special. Senzo couldn’t do that sooner because most of the time happiness is bought with money.

But Senzo carried on doing the hard work since in those olden days education was not something crucial. Men had to be strong in labour, there were only a few educated men around, but also they cared less. Senzo’s concern mostly began when he lost his job in the mines. Since people considered going to work in the mines those olden days, there were tons of people who looked for jobs there. Also tons of thousands of people were being laid-off. The mine managers began to recruit labourers with a matric certificate. So Senzo stressed himself to death because he was one of those who were laid off and his dream to make his mother proud vanished in thin air. The only thing he left home was tears.

People are overdoing things. So we all know we are going to die, it’s human nature. But people are now exaggerating but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But the fact is that the storm is coming someday.

The way it happened in my country, it was very bad. Heavy rains in just two days led to water rising fast, as if some of the water was coming underground. The clouds began changing, they turned very black and rolled themselves in in the troposphere. The day changed to night but quickly the clouds recovered, only the water too after some time. If there was a plane in the air it would’ve crashed for real.

Every seed that you plant will always grow beautifully if you take care of it. You don’t have to stress doing so. Just like a seed that you plant and carelessly, you will find that it’s rotting. Just like life. My opinion is that the things we do don’t only impact us negatively or positively, they impact our universe and spread like a virus. Don’t think that because this storm that has occurred in my country won’t occurs in your country. A fact is that I have watched it spread, this is not the only country crying out alone, there are many more.

I had a friend that told me that the world has been around for decades and it will never end, but the people living in it will. Do you agree with this?

I know that our forefathers died saying the same thing and that people think that the earth will never fade away, it’s there till infinity. Well in my opinion, I fully disagree. Everything has its time except the Creator. He is the only person I believe will leave till infinity, forever. Maybe every time He dies He exchanges souls and uses another body. But us as humans we are just decorators of everything we see, we cannot make another human being as we were first made. God gave a limit. He made it this way.

We all have different ideas and opinions, maybe some people may not agree with my story. Houses were flooded like they were never there and I don’t even know how many people died. So be aware and live to the fullest because it’s coming; the greatest nightmare is coming.


Tell us what you think: How do you think the world will end?