Two people reading the same poem. Two hearts united by the beauty of poetry. He, unbeknown of her existence. She, unbeknown of his existence. Both enthralled by the majestic words of the poem.
The title reads, “Life and it’s unexpected surprises,” his every step, echoes of heartache. He recently confessed his feelings to another, only to be drowned in a pool of rejection.
“Can love be this cruel? Is this life worth living?” his thoughts echoed.

Meanwhile, she flipped the page to read the next portion of the poem. It read: “Life may be sad, life may be blue, but in the end, you will get something worth you.”

She inhaled and exhaled deeply. She did it. She finally did it. She broke free from a long lasting toxic relationship. With every exhale, a slight tear ran down from her tired face. All she wanted was love and peace.
But still, her thoughts echoed at night, was I not enough? She thought. Was I not deserving of love? She lay awake, thoughts kept her wide awake.

She placed herself on a swing. He rested himself on a bench. Both surrounded by leaves detaching themselves from the same tree. Both, a song of familiarity echoing in their hearts.
Both, reading the same poem, in the same vicinity, both broken and torn to shreds from love’s harsh torment.

“Never fear, my dear this is the part where life gets better. This the chapter where you become stronger. Let this be, to yourself, a love letter. Now look up for love is right before you.”

In that moment, their eyes met. Locked together, locked together in a moment of love’s warmth. They both let out a consensual smile of familiarity.
“Have we met before?” They asked in unison.

It’s as if the poem had brought them together, completed each other. Life or love had a sent them a sign, to never lose hope. The best love story was yet to come. It was only a page and a glance away.


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