Just after their marriage they took off to a faraway country to settle down and create a new life altogether, away from their native land.

Sam was working as a sales representative near town, not so far from where they lived. Rebecca was a housewife, the madam of her family. They had two daughters, namely Neo and Emma. They were somewhere between six months and two years of age, needing almost constant care.

Rebecca, she went to great expense to ensure her children would get the best nanny around town so that she could look for work and also help pay for the household expenditure. She found a job as a cook at a nearby restaurant. Sam was somewhat jealous that Rebecca was making some changes around the house; debts were paid off and Sam felt left out and that created constant conflict between the two.The conflict went on for a while and brought out Sam’s unpleasant behaviour, where Sam would threaten to kill Neo and Emma. Rebecca apologised sincerely for the sake of her daughters.

One evening, Sam came home early and, to his surprise, he found the nanny playing with a puzzle with the children.

He asked, “Where is Rebecca?”

The nanny replied, “Rebecca said she would be off late today.”

An hour passed. Sam was disgusted and went outside for a smoke. An SUV pulled over next to their pathway. Sam saw Rebecca smiling slightly with the driver, the owner of the restaurant. Sam grabbed Rebecca’s hand and pulled her out of the car. He swore at the driver constantly.

The nanny came through to intervene, since she knew who the driver was, and tried to explain it to a furious Sam, but that made him more livid. Then he took Rebecca and their daughters to the house. He put chairs and a couch in front of the door. He found some gasoline and poured it over a heap of paper and lit it. The entire family was burnt to death.

The nanny couldn’t do much about it since she was locked out of the house. She was traumatised by the experience and fell down suddenly. The neighbours gathered around and tried to ease off the fire, but the cottage was already burnt to the ground.

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