My community is not me. I am me. My community is just a community. Before I get to my story, I thought I’d give you a quick crash-course on communism. This is not a lecture, so don’t go getting all bored on me. This story will just simply share what happened, and what I did. It will give you understanding.

Have you ever seen someone who looked like a stranger in their own community, someone who is treated like an outsider, or feels like one? It was the worst horror of my life. Rejection is what I feel, hatred from vandals expecting handouts from me. My world shrinks as I am exposed to danger most of the time. Mind you, I am only a sixteen-year-old girl, but I would like to give an account of what I encounter in my hood…

Gun-shots were music to my ears, each day that went by created a scar. I remember once there was a community project for young girls I was chosen to be a part of. Intelligent as I am, I managed to compile all the paper-work and lead the project. The outcome was amazing; our sponsors were perplexed and excited with all our hard work. To my surprise, when it was time to give some prizes to all the participants my name was excluded. Everyone swore I was never a part of the project.

Have you ever doubted your existence? Well trust me, I’ve been there. I felt like I was nothing, worthless. I lost all my confidence. I felt like an outcast, being called all sorts of names by my fellow neighbours. They are not just names, they have serious effects of alienation. Would you like to walk for a day in my shoes? No, it sucks. Yes that’s true

Being called all sorts of names made me love being alone with my earphones. It was much easier to enjoy music all the time than to have friends who will only reject me in the end. Sometimes I kept sweets in my satchel, especially when I was going to school. Guess what happens when other students discover I have sweets? I would get a group of hugs and kisses, isn’t it sweet? This may sound cosy, but wait till you hear what happens later. Once they have finished devouring all my goodies, they show their other side. Differences of nationalities aside, everyone has the right to be listened to, and accepted.

If we could unite and avoid racism, my stay in my community would be fantastic.