“I have learned not to waste my energy on things that don’t matter”

“Life is Precious, that’s all we need to know”

“Lies are common, the truth is rare”

“Time is a precious commodity, I can’t believe how much of it we waste”

“Courage is the cornerstone of any man”

“Never give up on making something of your life, you have nothing to lose”

“There is nothing wrong with love/kindness, people just take advantage”

“Advice is good unless it comes from people who think they are better than you”

“Listening is good, it depends on what you want to take in”

“Trust is hard to find, even harder to keep once you find it”

“Making the right decision takes heart, courage and strength”

“There was never a moment in my life when GOD turned his back on me”

“I laugh because it is good for my soul not because I want to look happy”

“There is no substitute for peace of mind”

“Just because I don’t broadcast my problems doesn’t mean I am living a nice life”