His dreamy big eyes with long thick lashes are something else. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face, but are my small round shaped eyes enough for his perfect ones? I thought I had enough strength to fight, to fight against whatever life would throw at me. Life has brought me nothing but happiness, the kind of happiness that makes me question my beauty, he’s so perfect that everything he touches turns to Gold. The way he speaks, it just melts my heart out, let alone when he blinks, my whole world just turns bright.

I thought I had it all. I thought I had the body every guy would fall for, my voice, and lips – oh not to forget the eyes, but after carefully surveying every little part of him I felt as if God hadn’t done enough.

I felt like he just never gave himself enough time. To him Iā€™m a big zero, actually Iā€™m not even a zero, and Iā€™m in the negative numbers. It hurts how he never notices me. He’s just forever staring at my sexy full bodied neighbour – what chance do I stand? I’m just this skinny long legged girl with no curves or whatsoever, he’s in it for the big booty, the curvey one.

He doesn’t mind hearing her say no, over and over again. Why can’t he just stop for a second, just to look at how my eyes which instantly changes colour when he walks in the room? Why can’t he take a minute to listen carefully to how my heart beats to the sound of his voice?

My neighbour feels nothing for the boy that owns my world. She feels nothing for my moon in the darkest night. I feel everything there is to feel for him.

She sees him as nothing, I see him as everything. He sees her as everything and sees me as nothing. Why is this thing called love so complicated? Why can’t I get what I want, what I need?