One may ask “what is meant by the term ‘right to education’?” Truth be told, education is the best gift a person could ever receive. Education gives power to the society at large. A nation that is educated is a nation that succeeds and that will have a better tomorrow.

Twenty one years later, the South Africa that we live in today is different and better from what it used to be during the apartheid era. Our heroes and heroines have died for this democracy that we have today.

But how can we honour those who died for during the apartheid? How can we make it possible that the freedom we have today is a continuous thing? Is it possible to make it happen? Yes, it is possible to make that happen.

We can make it through education. We can enrich our minds by educating ourselves. By doing so this country will have a brighter future. But in order for this initiation to prosper, we first need to emphasize to every single South African the importance of knowing their rights, especially when it comes to education.

As a citizen of the Republic of South Africa, I have a right to education that is proper and that provides sufficient good quality education. I have a right to education that provides qualified teachers and proper educational equipment that will assist me to do better in all my learning subjects.

As a citizen of this country, I have a right to education that provides me with essential needs like feeding schemes, a library, computer labs, and first and foremost a school that is safe and that is surrounded by positive people that brings light and humour to students and the school as a whole. And above all the mentioned rights, I also have a responsibility to make it a point to read and learn and also understand what I’m being taught at school.

The power of education is so powerful that it holds the nation together and builds a strong strength among the whole nation. A country that is educated is so powerful and yet so wise. A wise person once said “education is a powerful tool that one can have, and no one can ever take it away from you.”

I am 22 years, and as a young female I have dreams. I have vision, and I have goals. I ought to achieve greater things in life! But how am I going to achieve that without education and without knowledge? I have a dream to build a library in my community where I grew up because education is the best tool that you can conquer the world with.