Human rights to me as a young South African means that it should be taken seriously by our leaders of democracy, and every citizen or everyone who stays in South Africa should be treated equally.

To me, human rights means the basic right to be able to live your life in freedom and safety, have plenty to eat and drink, be kept somewhere warm to sleep, and not to live in fear or danger. The declaration of human rights is a big picture.

Human rights are important to me because they declare everyone’s humanity, and ensures that no matter what happens, a person can still stand a chance and survive in an equal world regardless of material possession. We are all humans, and these are certain things we need in order to survive.

Human rights are there to acknowledge one’s existence on earth and a human being by giving all the things. Everyone needs to have a fair chance to survive in this world. They are all based on the principles of dignity, equality, justice, and fairness.

In South Africa, our human rights are enriched in our constitution. They are as followed: the right to be educated or education. This right refers to many things, not only education, but many things such as good or proper infrastructure, as well being educated in an equal way. Whites and blacks are the same, just skin colour differs.

A right to heritage and culture. This right refers to people being able to practice their traditions or culture with no disturbances or discrimination by others, such as police to arrest or stop whatever the occasion it might be.

Human rights refers to your duties and obligation as a human born in this world, what you can do and what you must not do. Your privileges and opportunities are afforded to every human being. It also refers to the things a human being is allowed to do by law regardless of race, gender, or orientation.

A right to access basic infrastructure. This right refers to public services, housing, water, and electricity that everyone in this land or country deserves equally, and we all deserve this equality regardless of race, gender, and cultures.

Us as young South Africans or youth of South Africa must practise educational stuff and perform our best in our school works for the remembrance of our late youth who fought for a better education on the 16th of June. We must remember that 20,000 South African students were protesting and 176 of them didn’t make it because they were killed for their future for their lives.

South Africa would be much better if we all become one thing. Unity is what is needed in South Africa. We are all fully responsible. We must obey our right and do the right thing.