Provided they told him that there was a missile coming his way, he would have never entered the bank. The bank manager was the most important person there. He was the key to the safe, the only one who could open the vault. The bank robbers told all the hostages to empty their wallets and purses and to hand over their phones. They took anything that had value from everyone.

“Hand over your cellphones and any other mobile devices you have with you,” said one of the robbers.

The manager couldn’t believe this was happening. This was the most secure bank in the city, it had the best security protocols in the country

“Hey lady, hand over that laptop now,” the man in the mask continued.

The police were already outside of the building. One of the hostages pushed the panic button under the table above her head. There were fifteen police vehicles surrounding the building. One of the telephones inside rang and the gang leader picked it up.

“Who is this?” he said.

The person on the phone was the police commissioner. He negotiated terms with the bank robbers in exchange for three hostages every hour.

“This is Colonel Tshabalala, the commissioner of the police force, who am I speaking to?” said the commissioner.

The gang leader demanded a get away car and a helicopter for himself and the three members of his gang.

The commissioner agreed to the terms and one hour passed. The gang leader kept his word and released three hostages. It was time for the commissioner to meet the demands of the gang leader.

“I did as you asked, Commissioner, now where is my getaway helicopter” demanded the gang leader.

The commissioner began to stall and tried to lie to the gang leader.

“We are currently working on that, sir, we will bring you your helicopter,” he said.

The gang leader became upset and there was rage in his voice.

“You lied to me, Commissioner, and now an innocent person is about to die!” he said.

The gang leader hung up. One of the bank robbers grabbed a hostage and shot him dead. The police on the outside heard a gunshot. All the policemen took out their guns in response.

“Put your guns down!” the commissioner shouted.

The gang leader went to check on the other two members working on the vault in the next room.

“How far are we in opening the vault?” he asked.

One of the robbers answered him, looking exhausted, “We are almost there, boss.”

The helicopter requested by the bank robbers finally arrived at the scene. There was no landing area for it. The commissioner communicated with the pilot.

“Hello sir, am I speaking to the man flying the helicopter?” the commissioner said.

The pilot could not receive the message properly: the radio signal was very bad.

“I can’t hear you sir, the signal is poor, try moving around a bit,” shouted the pilot.

The commissioner started running, and once he was two blocks away, he asked, “Can you hear me now?”

The frequency had a better signal and his message was transmitted to the pilot.

“Yes sir, I can hear you clearly now,” said the pilot.

The commissioner instructed the pilot to land the helicopter in an open space. He then organised a getaway car for the bank robbers.

“Hello, can I speak to the leader of the group?” he said.

The gang leader and his team of robbers had finally managed to open the vault. Half of the money inside the vault was already inside the bags and they were ready to escape with it.

“Yes, you are speaking with the leader,” said the gang leader.

The commissioner spoke to the robbers and demanded the safety of all the hostages and told them that their getaway car was awaiting them at the back of the building.

“What about the helicopter?” asked the gang leader. The helicopter was in an open field of a farm not far from the bank. “Move, everyone out!” shouted the gang leader.

They were letting all the hostages leave the building as requested by the police commissioner.

The bank was finally empty and the gang leaders went out through the back door as quickly as possible. They each had a bag of cash with five hundred thousand rand in it.

“Let’s go, hurry, let’s get out of here,” said the bank leader.

It turned out that the car they requested had a built-in bomb, and the engine was the trigger. The gang leader inserted the keys and started the car….Boom! it exploded.


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