It gives me great pleasure to address how I am happy to live and study in South Africa. I am a refugee from Somalia. I have got rights, education and work here in South Africa so I would like to thank the South African Government for their help and for welcoming all the refugee nationals. I do believe that we got so many things here that we did not get from other African countries.

Thank you South Africa, this is my second country. I really enjoy staying here: we as the refugees appreciate what we get from government: health care, education, protection, care and so many useful opportunities.

God bless South Africa and the people of South Africa, they allowed us to live with them peacefully, so I can say “the Rainbow Nation is the best nation in Africa. South Africans helped us at the right time with the right people in the right place”.

Secondly, let me thank to the UNHCR for their untiring help for those in need – refugee people here in South Africa. The UNHCR gave us unforgettable help and we will remember and appreciate their efforts.

Lastly, let me thank to Scalabrini Centre and my beloved teachers and all the staff for their hard work, who help us succeed in our education and get a better future. I will never forget all of you and I can only say thanks all of you. Be safe for ever and ever.


This work was written by Abdullahi who is an English student at the Scalabrini Centre in Cape Town. If you are a refugee in need of English lessons or general assistance please contact the Scalabrini Centre.